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Why advertise with Kenthe?
Kenthe industry marketplaces offer you the most comprehensive network of business-to-business sites available online. Advertising on our websites or in our industry-specific newsletters allows you to customize your campaign to reach your target audience.
Whether you want to reach a broad-based business audience by advertising across all of our properties or target your message to a specific industry or industry sector, Kenthe's flexible advertising programs allow you to meet your marketing objectives.

Banner ads
Kenthe bring you the capability to create, target, place, and buy affordable banner campaigns through a convenient and easy-to-use online tool. Simply sign in, enter your ad text, pick a banner, and choose your campaign.

Newsletter sponsorships
Deliver your message to qualified buyers of business products and services through a Kenthe newsletter sponsorship. Kenthe newsletters provide industry news and product information to subscribers twice each week. For information about advertising in our newsletters, please email us at root@ kenthe.com.

Email list rentals
Deliver your standalone email marketing message in HTML or plain text format. Target your mailing to a specific industry or industry sector, or broadcast your message across all verticals to reach recipients.

Receiving pertinent, industry-related offers via email is a valuable resource for Kenthe email list subscribers. Contact us at root@ kenthe.com to learn more.

...and more
Contact us for more detailed information about our sites, newsletters, and related advertising opportunities. To have a Kenthe representative contact you about a more comprehensive online campaign, please contact us at root@ kenthe.com.

  Advertising with us.
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