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Using Kenthe Bearings Online

New User Interface

Kenthe Bearings Online has a new design to make it easier for you to find the products, services, and industry news you rely on every day. The navigation bar at the top of each page will give you constant access to five key areas of the site: the Home page, Buy Online, Sell Online, Services, and News & Community. Here are what you can find in these areas:

Buy Online
We're grouped together all of the ways to learn about and purchase products on Kenthe Bearings Online into one central Buy Online location. Every day you will find featured products and suppliers of products for your business needs and easy links to our online RFP/RFQ process.

Sell Online
As the newest area of Kenthe Bearings Online, Sell Online provides a central location for suppliers who want an online presence in the Kenthe Bearings Online community. Sell Online provides an overview of all available options for suppliers, such as our Marketplace Manager, E-Commerce Centers and RFP/RFQ submission.

Here you will find a wide selection of online tools and valuable services that help business operators save time and money. Our partners offer cutting-edge tools and services that use the power of the Internet to increase your company? buying power and improve your operational efficiency.

News & Community
Your destination for keeping up with what happening in your industry, News & Community offers easy access to latest headlines, featured articles, current industry events, and a variety of ways for you to meet and interact with colleagues from all over the world. Find current news, research the editorial archive, learn from the expertise of guest columnists. Stay in contact with the community through Discussion Forums, Events Calendar, Associations, and much more.

The new navigation for Kenthe Bearings Online provides you with all-the-time access to tools to improve your experience on the site.

If you are a regular visitor to Kenthe Bearings Online
Here is a summary of where some of your favorite links have been relocated.
Find E-Commerce Centers, and Online Catalogs by clicking on the "Buyer's Guide" link on either the Home page or the Buy Online page. The Buyer's Guide will offer you a collection of all online supplier centers.

Find services that used to be listed in Business Services by clicking on the "Business Services" link on either the Home page or the Services page.

The Professional Center has been divided into community-oriented resources and resources for your career and training needs. Community resources like "Discussion Forums," "Events Calendar," "Associations," and the "Download Library" can now be found on the News & Community page. Training services and Career Services for both job hunters and employers are now located on the Services page.

The central location for Editorial content can be reached by clicking on the "News" link on either the Home page or the News & Community page.

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