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RoHS Tester

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20070524001 / EDX3000C XRF RoHS Inspector

Elements can be analyzed from S to U.
Analysis contents of elements from 1ppm to 99.9%.
The limited detection hazardous elements
(only aim at Cd/Pb/Cr/Hg/Br) are up to 1ppm.
Measurement time: 60-200seconds.
Energy resolution: 1555V.
High voltage: 5~50KV.
Current: 50~1000uA.
Temperature of suitability from 15 ~30 ?
Power supply: 220V5V.
Select the filter automatically.
Switch the collimator of different automatically.
Pin diode semiconductor detector.
Big sample chamber
dimension of the sample chamber: 1000*1000*100mm
Safety protection mode with tri-level.
The correction model of relative independent matrix effect.
Multivariate nonlinearly recycle program
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification model.
Analyze 24 elements simultaneously.
Main customers: Haier ,Xiahua ,Zhongyi , etc.




20070524002 / Pocketable RoHS Tester: EDX-Pocket-I


High-voltage power supply
X-ray tube
Two Sets of Lithium Batteries
(One lithium battery can lastring for four hours)
Charge Supply:220V/110V



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